A Field Trip To New Opportunities

By Taylor Nguyen (Junior)

Senn Journalism students took an adventure to Loyola’s Water Tower Campus/Rogers Park News Bureau on January 11, 2018 to learn about and experience broadcast journalism.

Thanks to Loyola, Lead Journalism Teacher, Michael Cullinane, gathered 31 students ranging from sophomores to seniors to take the opportunity to take this field trip for the third time, yet it was majority of the students first time experiencing it.

The day started out with the arrival at Rogers Park News Bureau where an opportunity for a paid internship starting mid-February revealed itself to Senn students where they will be able to create neighborhood news in and around Rogers Park/Edgewater involving crime, entertainment, sports, and politics.

Junior Journalism student Omonie Richardson said, “I think having this partnership is so great and vital as students explore the world of writing and journalism.”

Richardson voiced the opinion of many students.

Senn and Loyola Partnership Liaison Jon Schmidt said, “In particular we believe that Senn students will bring an important measure of authenticity to reporting and storytelling as residents and students in Rogers Park and Edgewater.”

Upon arriving at Loyola’s Water Tower Campus, two groups were formed where one was was able to hit the studio and learn how to present a broadcast camera and behind the scenes. It was truly a hands on experience since everyone collaborated and had a job.

Students were fascinated by the equipment the studio contains and how Jameson Chen, Loyola’s Technology Coordinator, thoroughly explained the machinery with detail.

On the other hand, while the other group was able to invade the streets of downtown Chicago and set up cameras and ask strangers what their new year’s resolutions were and in total over 30 interviews were collected through the day.

Surely, it was challenge doing man on the street interviews in 50 degree weather with rain and protecting the gear.

“These high school students already are displaying skills found in college students,” Associate Dean School of Communications Loyola University John Slania said. “They were not afraid to approach passerby and ask them if they would agree to be interviewed.”

Evidently, students from various Journalism classes were inspired and motivated from the experience at Loyola. Then, went forward to explain how they’re actually interested in pursuing journalism in the future.loyola field trip1

Richardson said, “I hope that more chances like this can occur in the future as it opens eyes and minds of what one would like to do in terms of their future!”

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