Spreading Positivity Through Creativity

By: Isaiah Holmes (Sophomore)

Dreams are being achieved by high school students in the Chicago and St. Louis areas through the Walgreens Expression Challenge, and one of Senn’s own, sophomore Kristen Ceralde, took home the gold.

The challenge has three categories which are multimedia, creative writing, and visual arts. A $2000 prize is awarded to first place in each category.

Ceralde entered the multimedia part and blew her competition out of the water with her heart warming video. Her video called “Saturdays with Strangers” helps people reflect on the concept of true happiness.

Ceralde recently went to the finals for the Walgreens expression Challenge. She and her family attended an award ceremony for her triumphant victory, and here’s what she had to say on her experience. “It’s great to know that I impacted many peoples lives, just by making  a video about sensitivity,” also that she’s, “so glad that her family and friends were by her side the entire time.”

Ceralde’s video will be around for years to come, teaching people how to love themselves for who they are, and to do what makes them happy.

She also had the opportunity to go on Fox News along with the other winners of the competition.

Ceralde said, “It was a nervous wreck because I had never been on TV, but once the interview started, I felt a little at ease.”

Her victory is a testament to all students, showing them that when you put your heart into something you believe in, only good can come out of it no matter what.

I interviewed Kymonie Butler on how Ceralde’s victory inspired her to want to participate in the challenge in 2018. Butler said, “Yea, because you could make money from it.”

The competition received over thousands of entries ever year, and I myself was one of the entries, along with Kirsten and several other Senn students.

I entered the creative writing portion with a poem. My poem carried me to the finalist of the WGCI competition where I competed against three other poets.

Each poet spoke on a topic that impacted their lives in a huge way. One girl spoke on police brutality in Chicago, while another spoke on how K-pop helped her avoid suicide.

My poem was about Chicago moving from its bad era, into its era of improvement. I also brought up people whom made it out of Chicago and how they set an example for the children of Chicago to follow.

Hopefully Ceralde’s victory brings more students to want to participate in the Walgreens Expression 2018. Everyone has a talent why not express yours.

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