Ajla Muminhodzic : Life of an IB student

By: Amy M. Sykes (sophomore)

“I wanted to become an IB student because I feel like I’m more of a nerd. I feel like me being in the IB program Is actually going to benefit me in the future.”

Ajla Muminhodzic (15) is a Senn sophomore in the IB program hoping to be a psychiatrist in the future. Even though Ajla faces some challenges, she’s still driven to go to college.

Muminhodzic had a pretty good childhood. In middle school she was a quiet kid, always studying with a circle of friends.

“I was living in Chicago my whole life. I prefer to be the only child because I got all the gifts. I had a small circle of friends but I was fine with that they were really good friends to have around.”  

Being an IB student is not always easy for Muminhodzic, but she still sees the benefits of being in the program and what it would mean to her when she completes it.

“I feel like if colleges saw that you took challenging classes and that you put a lot of time into your school work, then they think that you’re a good student because you put all this effort in school and you made the time to complete the whole program.”

Muminhodzic thinks of going into the medical field, mainly a psychiatrist. The feeling of helping others can make her feel that she’s accomplished something.

“I’m thinking of becoming a psychiatrist because I do appreciate when people come up to me and tell me their problems and they trust me with the personal information, and like when I help them out I feel good about myself ”




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