Morin’s Acting Dream

Tangela Applewhite (Sophomore)

“My parents supported my dream of becoming a doctor but they didn’t support my dream of becoming an actress.”

Having skipped 8th grade, Omorinsola (Morin) Omosebi (14), a sophomore at Senn High school is in the theater program. She has a passion of becoming an actress but goes through struggles to do so.

I’ve known Morin since our freshman year, and I can say with certainty that she has a lot of friends in Senn High school. She also has a lot of theater friends because she isn’t shy and can get along with almost anybody. She has been in theatre ever since she got here to Senn High School, so she feels that she has the potential in becoming an actress.

“To be an actress you also have to learn the basics; how to embody your character and how to analyze it. I chose to be an actress out of all occupations because it’s just.. I love to be somebody else sometimes.”

Omorinsola’s parents haven’t always been supportive of her dream. She shared one experience of when she was in middle school. Her father used to be doubtful of acting as a career path. 

“I thought I was never going to become an actress,” Morin said. “But then when I came to Senn, I got those opportunities.”

Ever since Morin was little, she always followed her dreams. Imagine being a child and getting asked the infamous question: “What do you what to do when you grow up?” and not having your parents accept your answer. She didn’t appreciate her parents’ dismissal, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her dream.

Morin has been in a lot of shows since she has been at Senn. She feels that being in these shows really help boost her confidence and capability in becoming an actress because so many people come to her shows so it gives her hope.

“‘I’ve been in, apart from like school, I’ve been in ASM, Legally Blonde, The Lion King, The Wizard of Oz. I was in this Looking Glass show downtown, and later in may we are doing a sophomore show.”

Morin has always been a determined person; she is the type to not listen to everyone’s opinion on something she feels strong about.

“The hardest part is like you get all this opinions from people telling you it’s not a good job, or it’s not going to provide you money in the future and I think that depends on who you are and how much you believe in becoming an actress. If you just listen to them and you just give up on your dreams, that’s not going to come true. You are just going to have to fight your way through it.”


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