The Great Tastes of Halal Food


By Takmila Sultana (Sophomore) 

Ghareeb Nawaz

2032 W Devon Ave, Chicago, IL 60659

(773) 761-5300

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

After having a long day of work, Ghareeb Nawaz would be a perfect place to go eat with friends, family, or team. Foods are in huge portions, extremely tasty, and very cheap.

The food is at reasonably price and very delicious, which is why there are so many people that enjoy eating there. The food there come on huge portions. For example, every types of biryanis are under $7. The biryanis are served in huge portions with raita, and onions. With only $4.58, you can get a thali, which is served with rice one chapati 4 types of veggie curry with raita, and onion. For drinks, they have Mango Lassi for $1.59, and Chai Tea for $0.75. Ghareeb Nawaz is the best place to eat to eat halal food with a great deal in price.

I’ve eaten at Ghareeb Nawaz enough times to taste almost everything in their menu, some of my favorite foods are Butter Chicken ($4.99), which is super moist and the sauce is rich and creamy without the greasiness that sometimes comes along with it. Chili Chicken Biryani ($5.49) has a spicy kick to the rice as well but the meat is tender, juicy, moist, everything you want in a good piece of meal.

Although the customers there are often locals from Devon Ave, there are people from different areas of the city that come and enjoy a great meal with their friends and family. People of all ages are always in the restaurants. I only went late one night and couldn’t believe the fact it was packed at 2AM. Since the lines are always huge, most people get their food to go. The restaurant is open from 8AM to 4AM so anyone can grab a bite at anytime.

Ghareeb Nawaz is also a great place to eat for people who are vegetarians, since they also have an vegetarian menu. 

The decor has improved since the last time I visited. They have a better atmosphere, installed better restrooms for both genders, made a separate place with sink and soap for washing hands so they don’t have to go to the bathroom and wash their hands since most of their customers eat with their hands. Although the tables and chairs don’t look as good as other restaurants, they’re are comfortable enough for customers to sit and enjoy their meals.

Ghareeb Nawaz is a great place for Senn students to go and eat if they ever want to try having any experience with Indian food. When you’re not always looking of a way of spending a lot of money, than definitely it’s a great place to go and eat since the food is cheap and delicious. Most of the times a lot of people don’t have enough money to maybe take their family out and have a great meal because it can be expensive since almost every restaurant are expensive to dine in. So this would be perfect place to eat if you’re looking to get any delicious Indian food.

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