Dupe Or Don’t

Taylor Nguyen (Junior)

The makeup community has been comparing two products, the Fenty Beauty Pro Filter Foundation and the ELF Flawless Finish Foundation, to each other ever since the Fenty Beauty collection launched back in September 8th due to their similar qualities and different price points.

The Fenty Beauty Pro Filter foundation ($34) by Rihanna received excitement and positive feedback quickly after she announced the product will be available in 40 different skin shades at Sephora and other high end outlets while being cruelty free. It lived up to its motto, “Beauty for all.” Eventually, the whole cosmetic brand was named one of Time magazine’s best inventions of 2017.

Although, some people were not satisfied with how much the foundation retailed for and believed it was not affordable, so they went to search for other alternatives.

The ELF Flawless Finish foundation ($6) was recognized as a dupe for Fenty Beauty’s foundation. ELF is known for being cruelty free and affordable which draws in most of its consumers. Also, it contains SPF 15 where as the Fenty Beauty foundation doesn’t. However, the foundation only includes 11 skin shades and in a package of .68 oz, yet the high end foundation includes 1.08 oz.

Furthermore, both foundations give a matte finish and states to be long wearing with buildable medium-to-full coverage and meant for all skin types. I went ahead to see if both foundations lived up to its expectations and if the drugstore foundation was a dupe for the high end foundation.

Right off the bat, I was impressed by the Pro Filter Foundation package. It came in a matte and geometrical bottle which gave it a modern look and felt pretty sturdy. I opened the cap and was in awe when I saw that it was a pump instead of an opened pour bottle. It made it more sanitary and creates less of a mess when pouring the foundation.

Before I applied each foundation individually, I washed my face then moisturized and primed it to get a smooth base. I have combination skin, a mixture of oily and dry skin. Next, I covered my whole face with the foundation using a damp beauty blender, a sponge applicator. In my everyday makeup routine, I always use a green concealer to cancel out my redness along my cheeks before applying anything, but this time I didn’t because I wanted to see the full effect of the foundation by itself. I only needed to apply a layer and a half to get full coverage.Surprisingly, as it settled into my skin the matte foundation didn’t cling onto my dry patches around my nose area where I’m most dry. That’s one of my main issues with foundation. It felt very light weight and didn’t feel extremely tight on my face from the matteness.

I wore the foundation for 12 hours with the other products I use in my everyday makeup routine, highlight, mascara, concealer, and powder, and I checked up on it every 6 hours. At 4PM, the first check up, the foundation was still in tact and it didn’t slip nor was I oily anywhere. Then at 10 PM, the second check up, I noticed I was a little oily around my forehead and chin area which was expected since I was working and going in and out of a kitchen. Nevertheless, the rest of my face was fine. Overall, the foundation was long-wearing, full coverage, and matte and I would give the Fenty Beauty Pro Filter foundation 10/10 stars.

Tyoha, a Sephora makeup insider, said, “I have combination skin and this foundation clinged to every dry spot, pores or fines lines. It was so dry I had a hard time applying powder blush and highlighter.”

Evidently, another consumer with the same skin type faced other side effects that I didn’t experience. Either way, everyone’s skin is different.

The next day, I tried the ELF Flawless Finish foundation in the shade nude. Unfortunately, my local target was limited on their shades, so the shade I chose wasn’t particularly my color. It still worked though. Furthermore, the packaging of the foundation amazed me. It came in a small matte bottle with a pump, and for the same reasons as the Pro Filter foundation made it more efficient. The size of the bottle is small enough for it to be portable. I applied it around my whole face using a beauty blender and I noticed it had a scent to it. Luckily I don’t have a problem with that but for other people that could be an issue. Also, the texture was a mousse consistency, so when I applied it to my face it kind of felt heavy. Although, it didn’t create any texture and didn’t cling onto my dry spots. I had to put on multiple layers of it on my redness because one layer didn’t cover it. After I put on the rest of my makeup, it felt uncomfortable. I wore the foundation for 12 hours. Around 4pm I did, my first check up, I noticed I had a cakey dry texture around the sides of my nose and the foundation settled into my dry spots. Sadly, it wore off around my cheeks because, my redness was very opaque and I was oily around my T zone. I felt a weird sensation around redness too. I wanted to take it off on the spot. I kept it on though. To say the least, at 10PM I immediately removed all of my makeup. My face didn’t react very well to it and the rest of my face was red.The foundation cracked around my cheeks, nose, and chin. I would give the foundation two out of five stars.

In the end, I would recommend the Fenty Beauty Foundation because, it lived up to its expectations. It’s worth the price and the amount of product included. On the other hand, I wouldn’t recommend the ELF Flawless Finish foundation. Although, it’s affordable, there’s other products in the drugstore that could do a better job for $6. Both products went opposite ways, so the drugstore foundation isn’t a dupe for the Fenty Beauty Foundation.

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