The Infamous Empire

By: Amy M. Sykes (Junior) 

Bloody Noses and Crack’d Crowns ep.17

Rating: 10/10

Empire is a hit TV show that airs on the Fox network Wednesday nights at 7:00. Empire is about a family of 5 that runs a multi-million dollar music and entertainment company called Empire where Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) the head of the company is leading his 3 sons Jamal Lyon (Jussie Smollett), Hakeem Lyon (Bryshere Y. Gray), and Andre Lyon (Trai Byers) to run the company after he retires. Only one of them will become the CEO of Empire. Empire does contain lots of drama as for many people have tried to take the empire away from Lucious, even his own “family”. This show has aired on Fox since 2015.

Cookie Lyon is the mother of the 3 sons and the former wife of Lucious. She served 17 years in prison and comes back to the empire to claim what she sacrificed. Both Cookie and and Lucious did not have their parents in their life and the only family that they had was each other and their 3 boys. The 3 sons all have talent such as music, entertainment and business, but they all have their struggles. Hakeem is the youngest in the family, he is also a successful rapper and he does struggle with love…like a lot, and he just wants the approval from his father that he’s mature. Jamal is the middle child of the family, he is a successful singer and he goes through lots of ups and downs as far as dealing with his family and the fact that he’s a gay man, something that his father did not fully accept until later on in the seasons. And lastly Andre, he’s a successful businessman, but he goes through the struggles of bipolar disorder.

An episode I’d like to talk about is “Bloody Noses and Crack’d Crowns” season 4 episode 17, which is the most recent episode. It aired on May 16, 2018. This episode takes you back to where the board of empire votes on who they trust to control the company, and they went all in favor for Eddie Barker after the incident he caused/fixed the night before. So now the Lyons are in panic that they might lose the company to Eddie for the Kelly Patel deal. So Cookie comes up with an idea to pay to keep the empire, a “Rent Party”, she explains that her and Lucious should use this idea since this worked in the past for them before when they were back living in the projects and they needed money to pay the rent. They would throw a party where everyone pitched in to give money. However they needed to get some people to Pitch in like celebrities, politicians just very famous/rich people. Andre on the other hand has to get a particular number from Eddie, but the only way for him to get the number is to convince Eddie that he’s on his side which Eddie believes at first, but then Eddie realizes that Andre is playing him so when the rent party starts, Andre is given a choice to either go against his family and join Eddie and Patel to own empire and Andre will become CEO, or stay with his family and risk losing the company. So when Andre makes his decision he stops the stream for 15 mins and advices that his parents tells the audience to go on their social media to spread the word about empire so that they can have more people watching the stream and giving more money and support. Eddie sees this and kelly Patel threatens to cut off the deal, so Eddie has no choice but to use one final tactic against Lucious, the scarf from the murder scene.

A major conflict that happened with this episode was when Kelly Patel warned Andre that he was going to raise the deal for empire for $700 million which was way more than what the lyons expected to pay to keep the company. However, this is did not stop Andre from tricking Eddie as for he stopped the Empire Xstream temporarily, and gave it access for the Lyons to make the show world wide, and not only did this give them more publicity, but this also gave them more money than they needed. And there was a shocking interaction between Hakeem and Haven (Cassie Ventura) as they publicly show their affection to his fans and to also make Tiana (Serayah McNeill) jealous since she rejected his marriage proposal to focus on her career with Eddie.   

I thought this episode was very nerve racking and very exciting, this episode can make you think that you’re in everyone’s shoes. This episode has its ways of gripping your attention and your emotions as the actors have to make their decisions and only place hope onto the fans of empire to raise enough money to keep the company out of Eddie’s hands. I also really liked how the people show brought out new characters and new performances to really liven up the episode and how much talent meant in that moment for Cookie and Lucious. Eddie however, did not stop at that, even after Cookie and Lucious was able to raise enough money, Eddie knows who killed shine and is willing to give the evidence to the police to have Lucious locked up for good. Now the ending has you wondering, what will Lucious do now that Eddie has something that can have Lucious taken away? Well I thought about it and maybe Eddie is making a huge mistake giving the evidence to the police because he can go down too for even knowing where the evidence was, and I feel that this alone will give a lot of drama in the next episode based on how controversial this is.

I highly recommend this show, which always bring in new artists/actors to certain episodes and even bring in old characters. You can watch this on fox on Wednesday’s or you can go on Hulu and watch it on Thursdays.

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