India Pakistan Peace?

India Pakistan Peace?

By Saad A. Zaveri (Sophomore)

There’s a lot going on between India and Pakistan, and Senn Sophomore Syed Laiyeeq is willing to share his thoughts and opinions with us. He’s almost 16. This EL student from India has lived in America pretty long but still remembers the stereotypes about Pakistan in India. Being from Pakistan, I was really interested about this interview. I decided to sit down with him and ask him 5 question about the conflict between Pakistan and India.

India And Pakistan have been fighting wars since these both countries gained independence from the British rule. In 1947 when they gained independence in the month of August, after 2 months they suddenly were at war for the state of Jammu And Kashmir. These two countries have fought four major wars in just a short period of 70 years. These countries have the same culture, language, mindset, food etc. One of the major reasons of the partition of these two countries is religion. The Pakistan side being majority-Muslim came into being. Where is the Indian side being Hindu majority with 20% Muslims. Kashmir, a state in the northernmost side of the South Asia is one of the biggest reason that these countries have never had peace. Kashmir is one of the beautiful valleys in in this world but the problem is that these two countries have made it the most dangerous place to visit. It’s also known as heaven on Earth. But Kashmir is right now a disputed territory. Their majority population is Muslim which was going to join Pakistan in 1947 but now they instead want an independent country for peace. 

Zaveri: what are your overall thoughts about Pakistan?

Laiyeeq: I think I like that country but some of the people in my country India they don’t like Pakistani people because they’re mostly Muslims. But I’m a Muslim that’s why I like the people of Pakistan but neither I have problem with the minorities living in Pakistan such as Christians and Hindus.

Zaveri: I totally agree with you because there is the same case with my country people view India as totally Hindu where’s that’s not the case there are like a lot of minority religions like 20% of the whole population of India’s Muslims and there are a lot of Christians and Sikhs in India as well.

Zaveri: What if you’re given a chance to visit Pakistan would you visit?

Laiyeeq: Yeah sure why not I’m happy to visit that country. I think it is a very beautiful country.

Zaveri: Has a thought ever occurred in your mind of visiting Pakistan?

Laiyeeq:  No I don’t think So.

Zaveri: What are the common stereotypes of Pakistanis in India?

Laiyeeq: People in India view Pakistani very strict to their kids and other people but I don’t view them like that.

Zaveri: Kashmir is the main reason between India Pakistan not getting in a peace agreement so should Kashmir join Pakistan India or should it stay disputed or should it be an independent country?

Laiyeeq: Kashmir should be an independent country so everybody could have visit it and it will also promote tourism and Pakistan and India could do a peace agreement.

Zaveri: Like USA and Canada our neighboring countries and both have pretty good relationships and one of the main key points that both are visa-free countries so, what are your thoughts that India and Pakistan be visa-free countries?

Laiyeeq: I don’t agree with that, getting a Visa is a is a must to enter a country and then there might be illegal activities and the trading has been a serious issue at Wagah border it is a border between India and Pakistan.

Zaveri: What do you think about Pakistan India peace?

Laiyeeq: Peace between Pakistan and India is very hard but not impossible. It could be made but the government of these both countries have to work on it but the main reason is that both of the political parties don’t agree on it.

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