5 Q’s with the one and only Brayant Soto

By Valerie Soto (Sophomore)

My brother is the 18 year old Brayant Soto. He graduated from Senn last year in 2017. He was a wrestler but now he’s an artist. He lives in Edgewater with me and my dad of course. He works as a busboy at a neat Chicago Pizza restaurant. He also told me about his high school experience and how everything went down.

Valerie: How was your experience at Senn?  

Brayant: It was pretty decent, I had a normal experience. I’ve met a lot of great new friends. Some good and bad teachers. Noting crazy happened.

Valerie: Why did you join wrestling?

Brayant: Oh! Because two of my friends forced me! But I joined for 2 years and I loved it.

Valerie: How many wins or who did you practice with?

Brayant: Out of two years, I won um I won 4 matches. But I practiced with many people.

Valerie: What are your other passions besides wrestling and why?

Brayant: I love art ever since I was 11 years old. My friend’s uncle showed me a painting and oh my god it was good! Freaking good! It was a picture of a man holding his daughter, and I wanted to draw the same. 7th grade I started to try out art and I really sucked at first, it was really bad. But that didn’t stop me, I kept trying to the point that my art turned out good and my teachers were impressed.

Valerie: Are you going to college? If so, Which college will you attend?

Brayant: Yes, i’m going to college. UIC for 2 years and community college for 2 years.

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