5 Questions with Ms. McDaniel

By: Dahabo Farah (Sophomore)

You may think that Ms. McDaniel (36) has it easy when it comes to being a security guard, but her job is tougher than you think. She’s the Head Security Guard at Senn High School. Ms. McDaniel is here every day, 5 days a week. She’s a very understanding person, helps students with their problems, and handles situations when needed. Stay tuned to hear more about the amazing Ms.McDaniel.

Farah: How often are you involved in stopping fights?

McDaniel: I’m usually the first to respond and the first to deescalate those situations.

Farah: What are the consequences?

McDaniel: Well it depends who the aggressive one was, but most of the time they get suspended, and then it depends on how big the fight is and who all was involved and what lead to the fight. There actually been situations where two people have had a fight and did not get suspended, so it depends on exactly what happens and what lead to the fight, but most of the time they get suspended.

Farah: How often are you called to classes?

McDaniel: I’ve been called to classrooms I would say a lot in the past, but being that this is the second week of school, not so much. Everybody has been pretty chill; everybody pretty much has been following expectations and doing what’s required.

Farah: Were you ever able to not control a situation?

McDaniel: Well, not here. I’ve pretty much have had some difficult situations here, but I’ve always been able to control the situations. I’ve had a previous career where I worked as a correctional officer, and there were situations where I couldn’t control. There needed to be more assistants, almost like riot like behavior. But not here, you know Senn High School is an incredible place to work. The kids here are cool and easy to redirect when they need to redirected, so I’m blessed to be in this situation with this population.

Farah: What’s the best part of your day and why?

McDaniel: The best part of my day hands down is just being with the students talking to them saying “wassup” to them, making sure everything is good, and if it isn’t, being able to meet those needs if I can. And just teaching them things they might not be learning in the classroom like life skills, how to handle themselves, you know, and how to control their anger, how to go about relationships and having conversations with people when things don’t go their way. That’s hands down the best part of my day. It’s why I work here because I love these students.

Thank you very much for your time and i’ll let you know when this piece is published

McDaniel: Bet! Bet! Bet! Gang! Gang! Gang!

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