5 Questions with Olivia Vue

By: Alfredo Mendoza (Sophomore)

Art is everywhere, and a lot of people create it just like this student. A sophomore student living in Rogers Park named Olivia Vue (15) is a Visual Arts student at Nicholas Senn High School. Drawing is one of her favorite hobbies that she does when she is inside and outside of school. She has also done a lot of drawing in her notebook, but mostly she does it in paint. She has a lot of portraits in her house that she created.

Mendoza: At what age did you started to draw?

Vue: I started at age 10.

Mendoza: What made you start drawing?

Vue:  I used to be very interested in anime and got more into that, but it is mostly my mother because she is an artist so she got me into creative art projects like graphs. I started to get more more into it when I was in 5th grade, when I was 10.

Mendoza: What would be your backup plan if you did not choose art or drawing?

Vue: So a backup plan would be psychology for me because I am mostly interested in human minds and the curiosity of it.

Mendoza: What do you want to be in the future?

Vue: Well in the future when I finish high school I would want to be an artist.

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