5 Questions with Walter White

By: Alyssa Hammac (Sophomore)

Ever wonder what’s going on with Senn’s sophomores nowadays? Especially the ones who have incredible taste in music, art, and style? Some express themselves in very articulate ways through many different forms of art. Well this 16 year old Senn sophomore, who grew up from all the way from the west side, came to Senn to really express himself in the visual arts program. He happens to love to use symbolic ways of art to get his message through. I asked 5 questions with Walter White to get more in depth with how he visualizes certain things through music.

Hammac: What type of music do you like to write?

White: I am not really sure. My music is kind of all over the place. It’s versatile. I do a little hip hop but mostly alternative. I tend to love to write about many things like mostly my emotions and speak on issues that most artists don’t such as anxiety and depression. But sometimes it goes along in the topic of heartbreak and betrayal.

Hammac: What inspired you to write music?

White: I have always enjoyed music as a kid. I was always singing and dancing around the house listening to Kanye West and the Black Eyed Peas. But I think I inspired myself when I started writing poetry. Which eventually turned into something greater.

Hammac: What artists have inspired you?

White: The artist Xxxtentacion was a really big influence because he spoke the truth about how depression and anxiety can be such a big reality, which is a very hard thing to do for most rappers because that’s a very complicated topic to speak on. He was a big musician that I could really relate to. I found out about him before he was famous about 3 years ago.

 Hammac: If you could write a song with an artist would it be?

White: I feel like if I wrote a song with a certain artist it would feel like those fans are mostly focusing on that artist and not me so I wouldn’t necessarily want to. I would want the audience to be focused on me specifically because it’s hard work to write music and I don’t want it to all be for nothing .

Hammac: What is your all time favorite song?   

White: I listen to way too much music to answer this question because I have naturally fallen in love with many different types of music and artists so I can’t necessarily choose one. Like I said before Xxxtentacion is my favorite artist. But one of my all time favorite songs would  “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” by Paul Anka.

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