Do You Really Know “Allison Bridges”

By: Ariel Martin-Reed (Sophomore)

Do you really know Allison Bridges? “Ally” is a 16-year-old Sophomore at Senn. Ally and from the west side of Chicago. She is a student in the Theater Arts program. Ally is a very unique and independent who likes to stand out. She dresses different from everybody else because she doesn’t like to blend in like the rest. She likes to dress out of the ordinary with a different sense of fashion. Some of her outfits may be basic, but they sure are cute. Now it’s time to get to know Ally. Let’s get into the interview.

Martin: How would you describe yourself as a person?

Bridges: I’m very nice and respectful. I’m a great friend and a good listener plus, I won’t judge you based off of your past. Also I have a great personality.

Martin: What memory/experience made you into the person you are today?

Bridges: Just being myself truly, being goofy, being who I am. I went through a lot in my life so just truly getting over that.

Martin: How do you battle with everything you went through?

Bridges: I prayed and had a lot of support from my family and I’m very spiritual. I just let go and let God do the work.

Martin: How was your childhood growing up on the west side of Chicago?

Bridges: It went well. I had a fun, normal childhood. I was stress free and didn’t have to worry about anything. It wasn’t all bad how it is now. Everything was better back then.

Martin: Has anything ever happened to you that made you so independent?

Bridges: No I’ve just always been independent, that’s just the person I am normally.


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