Five Questions with Alesa Thurman

By: Alexis Thurman (Sophomore)

There’s more to Alesa Thurman (36) Other than just being a Deli Clerk. She’s an mother of four beautiful children including myself. She’s really intelligent, smart, strong, independent, kind *when she wants to be*. Her voice may be raspy but… once you hear it, it’s stuck with you for good. She’s really funny, but hard working at the same time. Alesa aka my mom is really NICE. It’s not something she learned how to be/do, she’s just naturally nice. And I truly love that about her. She graduated from Senn, so I decided to ask her about her experiences when she was here. 

Alexis: What was Senn like when you went there?

Alesa: It’s like a regular high school, full of diversity, it wasn’t like any typical “white school.”

Alexis: What year did you graduate?

Alesa: 2000, but I didn’t graduate from Senn, I went to an alternative school to get my last credits.

Alexis: How did you balance your school studies being a teen mom?

Alesa: I mean I knew my studies came first, so while I was pregnant I focused on my school studies.

Alexis: When you were in high school, what was your favorite subject?

Alesa: My favorite subject was creative writing, because I loved to write and that’s how I dealt with some of my issues.

Alexis: How was the homecoming and prom back then?

Alesa: It was better than y’alls homecomings and proms. We actually danced. I don’t know what y’all kids be doing today.


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