Interview with Angela Kus

By Berenice Garcia (Sophomore)

There is more than you can imagine to this English teacher. Not only an English teacher but also a football and wrestling coach, Angela Kus (37) lives all the way by Hegewisch which is about an hour drive from Senn. Yet she comes to school every morning. She is a great teacher that motivates kids to not give up.

Garcia: What made you become a English teacher at Senn?

Kus: The school that I was working before was great. I enjoyed working there, but I worked with a lot of at risk kids. When the things that they were dealing with stopped bothering me; when I started taking the extreme circumstances that they were living in got harder every day and I thought it was time to move on. And I applied here.

Garcia: Did you apply to other high schools?

Kus: I applied to Senn on a Sunday and I heard back from the principal at the time within an hour of sending her an Email asking me to come the next day for an interview.

Garcia: How many years have you been here at Senn?

Kus: This is my 6th year teaching.

Garcia: Is coaching football stressful if so how is it?

Kus: Sometimes, I think it’s because its not just coaching like your managing your time your managing the time of every child in the team, your managing the time of the managers and just theirs a lot that goes on like behind the scenes that people don’t realize is part of it.

Garcia: What are your plans for coaching Football/Wrestling?

Kus: Well this is my last year coaching football. I am officially retiring from football at the end of the season in October. Wrestling I would like to see that turn into a year on program and expand the opportunities for our wrestlers um specifically our female wrestlers because women’s wrestling is an emergent sport stated in Illinois now. That means that within the next 3-5 years we should be given as our own sport giving us our own season and that would change the way the fact that female wrestlers wrestle because it’s a different style of wrestling like females would wrestle someone there own weight.

Garcia: If you were the president of this school what would you change?

Kus: Athletic facility! Athletic facility! Athletic facility! And no one is to blame but we do not have sufficient facilities for the number of teams that we have in the building if it were to rain outside we would not all be able to practice inside. If we had to you know institute like a nap time or yoga time seriously because everyone hates that time and their eyes are all glazed it’s like oh my god where you would go for 15 minutes and recharge your battery  i would make a nap time, and yea that’s about it.


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