5 Questions with Tyler Browning

By: Ross Freeman (Sophomore)   

Tyler Browning (17) is a very active senior at Senn who’s involved with quite a few of clubs. He is one of the leading B.A.M. (Becoming a Man) students in the program and promotes kids to join the club. He resides in the West Rogers Park area and is a very active athlete. He is involved with basketball and baseball but mainly focuses on basketball. He has been very active with basketball since grade school. I was able to catch up with Tyler and ask him a few questions about his after school extra curricular activities.

Freeman: Can you tell me about the extracurricular activities that you participate in?

Browning: I participate in basketball, baseball, and B.A.M.

Freeman: How did you come upon that activity?

Browning: For basketball I basically been playing my whole life. My mom inspired me, my dad inspired me, and one of my favorite NBA players inspired me to play. I’ve just been playing my whole life. For baseball I’ve been playing since sixth grade and my my sixth grade teacher told me when you go to high school play baseball because your very good and I was like OK. And I got to high school and just started playing baseball. And for B.A.M.,I was knew to B.A.M. my freshman because they didn’t have it at my elementary school, so when I came to Senn he basically explained everything, and I became a member for B.A.M.

Freeman: How did/do you get better or improve your skills at this activity?

Browning: I get better by practicing, specifically for basketball, I practice every day. I go to the gym right after school, and I practice for like six-seven hours and for like baseball, I practice when the season comes. I practice on pitching and second base and everything. And for B.A.M there’s for no practice for B.A.M.

Freeman: Tell me about which of your friends also do this and did you meet them by this activity?

Browning: My friends play the same activities as me. My friends Sean and Fawaz and Noah play basketball for Senn High school, and we met freshman year. And there in B.A.M as well.

Freeman: Tell me if you can see yourself ten years in the future from now doing this consistently?

Browning: Yes, I see myself ten years from now playing basketball because it’s my favorite sport, and I will always play basketball.

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