What Changes Should Be Made To Senn High School?

By Yailyn Ayala, Ariana Hernandez, Ariel Martin-Reed, Ella Zivkovic (Sophomores)

Nicholas Senn High School share a building with Rickover Naval Academy. Next year, 2019, Rickover will be leaving the building. When they leave, there is a likelihood that Senn will receive $10 million dollars. They will  be receiving this money to upgrade the school, and make Rickover’s side of the building a part of Senn.

Senn TV sent me the interview footage that they had with Ms. Beck, the principal at Senn High School. When questioned about the 10 million dollars this is what she had to say:

“So I think there are a lot of ideas on the table. What I’d like to do is work together with students with staff and with our community and parents to form some groups for ideas. We’re absolutely going to update the media space, the library, all the classrooms need to be fresh, you’ve been in them they need you know new paint, at the very least. But I’m hoping to have as we make move from 1 to 1.

I’m hoping to have more technology in our classrooms so that students are able to really harness all that they can having there own chromebooks. What I’m also looking at is hopefully renovating the gym that is split with Rickover at this point and making it one large space.

But there’s a lot of ideas on the table and although 10 million dollars seems like a lot of money it can go really quickly so we’ll talk through it. We’ll see what the priorities are. I know many students have talked through other bathrooms not just the ones we renovated so, there’s a lot on the table and you know the building is 105 years old so you know at this point  think really that we can know its unlimited on what we can do.”

Next, we moved on to several students. While interviewing these students we got some good responses. Here’s what we found out from them.

Interview #1: Sarah Hansen, Sophomore, Design Student —- Field Trips

Senn Times: Rickover is leaving Senn next year. When they leave there is a possibility that we will receive 10 million dollars. What changes do you think should be made with this money?

Hansen: Not wasting it on doors, and maybe more field trips so that we could improve our experience in classes.

Senn Times: Tell me more.

Hansen: Because there is a limited amount of field trips in all of our classes, where we only get to go one place with a lack amount of money. So I think with more money we would be able to go on field trips to like places with historical context or something that would help improve our learning experience.

Interview #2: Harris Gul, Sophomore IB Student —– Classrooms/Field Trips

Gul: I personally think we should spend money on improving classrooms, applying IB students for more field trips and improving our lunch in the cafeteria. Since I’m an IB student I know that we don’t have that many field trips and they should really change that.

Interview #3 Aaliyah Gregoral, Freshman —- Updating classrooms

Gregoral: Improving the classrooms because the classrooms are not that safe in a way like there cracks in places and bugs and rodents at some points. And that’s not really safe for the students or anyone and it’s not a clean environment.

Senn Times: Tell me more.

Gregoral: Also the girls bathrooms because they’re so outdated and they need to be updated.

Though many students felt that with the money should be spent or getting more field trips for everybody, some others disagreed. We found that several students believed that the money should be spent on getting better food for lunch.

Noami Mixon, Sophomore —- Lunch/bathroom

Mixon: First of all they need to clean this school and honestly I feel like we need to  that. Also I know its public school but if we can get better food that would be great because its just nasty. I’ve found hair in my food and sometimes it don’t be cooked all the way .

Senn Times: What do you think we should clean/fix?

Mixon: I think we should fix/clean all the bathrooms not just one of each because how is that right for them to only fix the main bathrooms. Also probably repaint and fix some of the walls because I’m starting to paint chip off of the wall.

Tyshaun Zohicoffer, Sophomore, Visual Arts Program —- Lunch/classrooms

Zohicoffer: I honestly think that we should get better lunch, better books and better academic settings.

Senn Times: What do you mean by better academic settings?

Zohicoffer: I mean they’re using money on doors and stuff like that and I feel likes that’s useless. I think we could use that money for our Art’s programs and our sports teams. Fixing the gym should be our last priority as well because it’s already done with. We need to start working on our classrooms because they are out of date & everything needs to be up to speed. As I look around all I see is messed up paint (chipping paint). The floors still look old, and I feel as though we just need a total new change. Also we need a self evolution on where we put our money to.

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