The Infamous headphone policy  

 By: Alfredo Mendoza, Esteban Reyes, Jeremiah Stone (Sophomores)

Using headphones are “distracting” during school hours, but we Senn students beg to differ. In Senn High School a policy has been heavily enforced to take away headphones during passing periods and in classrooms if being used. A great amount of students are in fury and denied this policy. So we Senn Times talked to students and teachers to see how both parties felt about this policy. We focused on the 2nd and 3rd offenses in our interviews. It is important to read and understand what this policy is enforcing, so we put it down below.

(Sophomore Classport: Headphones should not be used inside the classroom or in the hallways. Students can use their headphones in the cafeteria during lunch periods. If a student is seen using a phone or wearing headphones in class without permission; 1st Offense: 2nd Offense: Phone/headphones will be confiscated and given back at the end of period, 3rd Offense: Phone/headphones will be confiscated and placed in office and parent/guardian will be contacted).

Essential Q: As you know headphones are now being confiscated by security if seen with them in the hallway. How do you feel about this new rule?

We decided to start of with a teacher who fully agrees with this Policy. We reached out to band director Markeise Russell or as his students know him, Mr. Russell. This is what he had to say about this policy.  

Markeise Russell, Band Director / Lead Music Educator

Russell: This policy is meant to ensure that Senn High School is able to do its job in ensuring quality instruction for our students. If a student is constantly on their headphones, they are not engaging with their classes, peers, and teachers. We are here to build a community of learners.

Senn Times: Do you think that anything has changed over since this policy has been made?

Russell: Yes, students are more engaged in classes because they are not distracted by music in their ears.

Senn Times: If there was enough students that go against this policy, do you think that they will change this rule? Explain?

Russell: No, it’s a good rule.

Our next step was to move on to the students of Senn high school to see their reactions about this policy. Here is what they had to say

Interview #1: Gina Robledo, Sophomore

Robledo: I don’t like it because I mean there’s no point to it. I feel like it’s pointless because, first of all they don’t listen. Second of all I feel like you don’t even do anything in the hallway, I don’t see the reason for them taking it. I just think its pointless.

Interview #2: Lizbeth Santos, Sophomore

Santos: I think it’s not fair because when people walk in the hallways with their headphones and they take it away, they don’t even ask. They just take it away.

Interview #3 Hannah Ganga, Sophomore

Ganga: Well I feel like it’s not fair because students should be able to listen to music during passing periods. Because that relaxes us. And it’s like we already don’t get to use our phones and headphones in the classrooms. So I feel like it’s unfair to take that away from the hallways too.

Interviewee #4 Olivia Vue, Sophomore

Vue: It is stupid because for one it’s not their rights to control our things. And it’s up to the teacher to decide if we can or can’t wear headphones in their room. But in the hallways are more of our area because no classes go on there….like there’s no use of saying no headphones in the hallways because for one it’s not like we’re disturbing anyone. If it’s speakers then yes it might disturb classes or something but headphones are our property and our own thing not theirs or anything and the only time we don’t need headphones is in class which is up to the teachers to decide if they want our headphones not the security or deans. It’s basically like saying you can’t use your phones in the hall almost.

Interview#5: Ariel Wallace, Sophomore

Wallace: I dislike the policy because I feel like every student is not distracted in the hallways or in class especially when given permission by the teacher.

Senn Times: So what about the students that are distracted?

Wallace: I think it’s unfair. Usually music calms the students you rarely see someone doing something stupid like screaming along to what they’re listening to.

Senn Times: So if you were to propose a new way to go about the policy what would you say?

Wallace: I’d say that students should be allowed to have their headphones in on the way to class and in the certain classrooms where the teacher says it’s okay.

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