We at the Senn Times thank you for visiting our online newspaper, and we hope you enjoy our content. Please give us feedback via the comments sections or at the bottom of this page.

How did we begin? 

In 2012, Loyola partnered with Senn on multiple fronts, one of those being the formation of a state of the art Digital Journalism program. The four year curriculum is for students interested in finding their voices through print and broadcast media. Thanks to a generous grant from the Robert R. McCormick Foundation, Senn has opened up a $30,000 broadcast studio that includes two cameras, a mixer, and Apple computers with sophisticated editing software. Students focus on writing original news articles about topics ranging from Senn’s many accolades to global politics.

Who are the key players? 

Loyola University has been fundamental in the formation of the Senn Times. Dean Don Heider helped with the formation of the curriculum. Assistant Dean John Slania visits the Senn students weekly and assists students with the fundamentals, as well as website formation. Evan Gutierrez also makes frequent visits to Senn and has been fundamental in providing assistance in curriculum development as well as hands on help to students in the broadcast studio. Michael Cullinane is Senn’s lead journalism teacher and moderator for the Senn Times. Symone Smith, a Senn Journalism student, is the editor-in-chief of the Senn Times.

What are our goals? 

We at the Senn Times hope to deliver a mix of hard-hitting news stories on pressing topics from around the world as well as the most important stories from our community. Objectivity in reporting is crucial in our feature pieces, while various interpretations of the news are represented in our opinion section. We also hope to reflect other areas of news, writing, and culture through our photography, sports, and creative writing sections.

What makes Senn High School special? 

1. Our diversity: we have over 55 nationalities represented, over 35 different languages spoken, and we were the one-time Guiness Book record-holder for “Most Diverse School in the United States.”

2. Chicago’s first wall to wall International Baccalaureate high school.

3. Our outstanding magnet arts program

4. Our distinguished faculty.

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