A Life Changing Play

By: Somi Boyd (Sophomore) Rob Schroeder, a 43-year-old theater teacher at Senn high school,  lives in  the Edgewater community. Born and raised in Wisconsin, he attended the University of Wisconsin and majored in acting. After college Mr. Schroeder began his acting career. He traveled to Minneapolis and eventually moved to Chicago. In 1996, he wrote and … More A Life Changing Play

Senn TV episode 2.1

Symone Smith (senior) Senn TV is back in action with our very first episode of season two! Feature stories range from new incoming teachers, club day, and our very own Question of the Day with Reagan Ivie and Ivan Alvarez.  

The fight for Refugees

by Maryam Asif ( Sophomore) There are more than 43 million refugees around the world today searching for habitation as they are being ripped from their homes. Refugees are people who have been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disasters. Recently, refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Iraq are … More The fight for Refugees

East Aurora High School: Out Of the Darkness Event

by Symone Smith (Junior) Kevin Hines, author of ” Cracked, Not Broken,” and also the man known for his attempt at suicide by jumping from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge; will be speaking at East Aurora High School on April 28. After surviving this suicide attempt Kevin Hines made it his mission to raise awareness on mental illness, … More East Aurora High School: Out Of the Darkness Event