The fight for Refugees

by Maryam Asif ( Sophomore) There are more than 43 million refugees around the world today searching for habitation as they are being ripped from their homes. Refugees are people who have been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disasters. Recently, refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Iraq are … More The fight for Refugees

Coming Out: Our Stories, Episode 1–Anthony Rabadan

by Symone Smith ( Junior) Senn’s own Kameha Spearman and Adnan Hadzalic have started an amazing, thoughtful and insightful web series about the lives of 4 teenagers coming out to the world with their homosexuality. Anthony Rabadan, Dash, Tia Mercer, and Malyja Luciano have participated in this series and share their personal trials and tribulations with … More Coming Out: Our Stories, Episode 1–Anthony Rabadan

Stylish Hijabs?

by Shazya Akthar (Freshman) All across the world Muslim girls and women are wearing the Hijab in a stylish manner to show that Hijabs can be stylish while still maintaining the religious aspect. A Hijab is a rectangular scarf that is wrapped over the head and is intended to cover the hair and neck of Muslim … More Stylish Hijabs?

Senn Takes on France

By Kamell Ferguson (Senior) France! Who doesn’t love its suave culture, beautiful country side, and exquisite fine dining? Well, luckily for the French class at Senn, they have traveled to the lovely country. Over spring break Senn students journeyed to France for two weeks, where they visited the historical cities of Le Mans and Paris. … More Senn Takes on France

Donating To Nepal

By Almudena Rincon (Senior) Hopelessness. Devastation. Tragedy. Disaster. All these words pop into our minds when we hear about the earthquake that hit Nepal. As we watch videos of destroyed homes, schools, buildings, and national monuments our hearts clench. We observe the suffering in the Nepali population as their homes are torn down and their … More Donating To Nepal

Visual Art: One student’s statement on her Nigerian/American identity

By Temitope Odedoyin (Senior) I was inspired by my inner confusion and the situation of Nigeria. When I think with my head, I know am a Nigerian but the way I walk through life is like an American. Therefore, it became hard for me to answer the question “who are you? “ Also I saw … More Visual Art: One student’s statement on her Nigerian/American identity