A Field Trip To New Opportunities

By Taylor Nguyen (Junior) Senn Journalism students took an adventure to Loyola’s Water Tower Campus/Rogers Park News Bureau on January 11, 2018 to learn about and experience broadcast journalism. Thanks to Loyola, Lead Journalism Teacher, Michael Cullinane, gathered 31 students ranging from sophomores to seniors to take the opportunity to take this field trip for … More A Field Trip To New Opportunities

Spreading Positivity Through Creativity

By: Isaiah Holmes (Sophomore) Dreams are being achieved by high school students in the Chicago and St. Louis areas through the Walgreens Expression Challenge, and one of Senn’s own, sophomore Kristen Ceralde, took home the gold. The challenge has three categories which are multimedia, creative writing, and visual arts. A $2000 prize is awarded to … More Spreading Positivity Through Creativity

Back to the 90s

By Kirsten Ceralde and Anna Kulikova (Sophomores) This past year we have seen 90s fashion coming back with creative teens who aren’t afraid to step out of society’s comfort zone. 90’s fashion was said to be the best decade for fashion, with endless possibilities starting from velvets to chokers, colorful windbreaker and, denim top to … More Back to the 90s

“Don’t Judge Me” Challenge Blows Up

By: April Potack (Sophomore) Young people around the world, even in Senn itself, have taken part in a trend known as the “Don’t Judge!” challenge to promote the phase “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”  The trend has been popular on social media platforms such as Vine, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The point of … More “Don’t Judge Me” Challenge Blows Up

Behind the #Metoo

By: Taylor Nguyen & Omonie Richardson (Juniors) Following many sexual assault claims and unwanted sexual advances in Hollywood, the #metoo movement has encouraged survivors to share their stories. Creator of the #metoo movement, Tarana Burke, formed a platform in 2006 after speaking to a young girl, who was a victim of sexual assault. Burke said, … More Behind the #Metoo