Senn’s Think Week

by Symone Smith ( Junior) Senn Students embarked in a college exploration to Loyola University’s Lake Shore Campus from March 7- 10th, one grade level per day. Principal Mary Beck encouraged students to start thinking about life after high school early on by having students get a hands on feel on what it’s like applying/attending … More Senn’s Think Week

Coming Out: Our Stories, Episode 1–Anthony Rabadan

by Symone Smith ( Junior) Senn’s own Kameha Spearman and Adnan Hadzalic have started an amazing, thoughtful and insightful web series about the lives of 4 teenagers coming out to the world with their homosexuality. Anthony Rabadan, Dash, Tia Mercer, and Malyja Luciano have participated in this series and share their personal trials and tribulations with … More Coming Out: Our Stories, Episode 1–Anthony Rabadan