2015-2016 Staff

Michael Cullinane: Webmaster, moderator

Symone Smith: Editor-in-Chief, writer, photographer, videographer

Georgina Jaimes: Feature writer

Benjamin Pulido: Feature writer

Luciana Matteson: Feature writer

Jordan Clark: writer

Adnan Hadzalic: writer, videographer

Dewayne Thomas: writer

Harry Warnaar: president’s message

Meti Dargachew: writer

Kamaya Spearman: videographer

Jenna Aikens: videographer

Maryan Abdi: videographer

Reagan Ivie: videographer

Ivan Alvarez: videographer

Jonathan Vera: videographer

Clement Bignon: videographer

Netanya Ayoki: videographer

Stephanie Hernandez: videographer

2014-2015 Staff

Michael Cullinane: Webmaster, moderator

Munira Jimjimo: Editor-in-Chief, writer

Almudena Rincon: Editor-in-Chief, writer

Aadita Saxena: Editor-in-Chief, writer

Raquel Rivas: Editor, writer, artist

Symone Smith: Editor

Sultan Adepoju: Lead Reporter, writer

Jenna Aikens: Writer

Simone Bennett: Writer, artist

Andres Canseco: Writer

Vincent Dunson, Writer

Kiana Eke: Writer

Jonathan Gougisha: Writer

Adnan Hadzalic: Writer

Mohammed Khan: Writer

Malyja Luciano: Writer

Derenice Moton: Writer

Temitope Odedoyin: Writer

Sofia Ponce: Writer, artist

Janeth Riviera: Writer

Alexuas Rollins: Writer

Kiara Sanchez: Writer, artist

Aaliyah Smith: Writer

Kamaya Spearman: Writer

Sumi Thomas: Writer, Photographer

Harry Warnaar: Writer

One thought on “Staff

  1. Why isn’t all the fall teams accountable? We have a swim team that’s been practising all summer. First meet of the season is Tuesday on the 15th. Thank you!


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